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We are a team of professionals that work in complementary areas in the creative industry. We set up the Fortin Agency in 2016 as a response to a creative and business challenge.

We are web design and Development agency

We build and develop interactive and well-documented websites and online platforms.

Tech CoZmos workshop is prezided by connective intelligence, imagination, technique and practice. We connect data, concepts, technologies to connect people with people.

We are a digital communication agency

Focused on achieving marketing objectives of our clients. Our primary focus is to develop profitable communication and sales campaigns to make advertising worth the investment.

We develop integrated marketing strategies that correlate methods and tactics of advertising, communication and public relations with conversion optimization techniques for best website and Google results.

We are an SEO company

focused on research and optimization (on-page, off-page) for online performance. We work with research tools that allow us to get extensive information about the current online communication affairs, links connected with other websites, keywords that define potential customers’ searches for products and services, including the semantic and demographic profiles of the public we target.

This information is essential to win the competition for visibility.

Our creative processes are coordinated in stages of development :


    It’s the first mandatory step in any creative development project and it helps us understand the briefing and think in a structured manner.


    It’s the first mandatory step in any creative development project and it helps us understand the briefing and think in a structured manner.


    The implementation stage is dedicated to correlate all interactions between the elements of a project.


    In the development stage, we dedicate team efforts to reach our objectives.


    A testing and evaluating team confirms the reach of our objectives and delivers a full status report, including eventual problems.

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you inspire others to do.

– Tech CoZmos –

Why Choose Tech CoZmos

The art of communication and success in the online commercial environment

We know that in order to make commercial progress (both professionally and personally) with a web design agency, we need to achieve a certain balance between the “mathematical” business aspects (figures, statistics) and the development of communication strategies that substantially change our clients and the public’s viewpoints about the benefits of the digital advertising.

Our goal is to establish a dialogue between products, service providers and the target audience. This dialogue is more important than the idea of selling at any price, it is a long-term investment in brand capital and the advantages achieved deliver superior value.

High Quality Standards

TechCoZmos quality standards are derived from high quality guidance. We work closely with every client to ensure all needs are met.

Educated & Experienced Team

We are a team of experienced programmers, designer, digital marketers, an entrepreneur and a few intrapreneurs!

Modern Business Solutions

We design sophisticated user experience and modern web interface for each custom element and functionality.

Inspection & Accreditation

The technical competence of organisations to perform inspections of products, services, processes, installations and design.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

– Tech CoZmos –

Some Of Our Clients


This Web Design And Digital Marketing Company / Agency In TN Provided Us With The Best Service. Their Prices Are Very Reasonable They Provide Proper Plan To Grow. They Also Provided Me With Social Media Marketing Service as Well And Trust Me It Got Us Amazing Results.

Global Access – kuwait

Very good service. Very accurate both in understanding the website design and flawlessly executing first time without any mistakes. Have been absolutely prompt I would recommend to anyone who want a good effective and impactful website with zero rework.

ESG Engineering – Singapore

Amazing results were given by TechCoZmos, he understood all our requirements and gave us the best deal. I was very sattisfied with the results as he increased our sales by more than 60%

RishiEngineering – India

Great Service And Amazingly Designed Website Without Any Hassle By TC. Price was also reasonable and highly professional behavior by the entire team.

DesignAim – Kuwait